2018 Year In Pictures

19/1/2018 Celia

19/1/2018 Celia

19/1/2018 Celia by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

This is our house rabbit Celia. She lives in our sun room and dining room area, where she lives the life of Reilly in sumptuous rabbit luxury.

She likes to sit on our window ledges so she can see outside. She also like to eat holes in our sofa, chew the walls and demand food from everyone nearby. Any person opening the fridge is greeted two seconds later by a grey ball of fur arriving by their feet at speed, little rabbit feet skidding on the dining room tiled floor.

She understands that curly kale and carrots live in the large white box and is at her most exciteable when a human opens the doors to the food portal.

Celia sleeps where she likes. The rug is a good spot, and she’s pretty hard gone in the photo. Bless.

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