2018 Year In Pictures

18/1/2018 Massage

18/1/2018 Massage
18/1/2018 Massage

18/1/2018 Massage by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I’m a member of the UoN Sports facilities and referred a friend of mine last week. He signed up, and I’ve been rewarded with a free sports massage.

This is where the magic happened. I’m not a great fan of massages as such – previous efforts have been… painful – but this one managed to loosen up the knots in my muscles more than cause me too much distress.

The very knowledgeable young lady who kneaded my back did some great work, dispersing three big knots along the way.

It’s probably not something I will do very frequently, but if my aging back stiffens up too much I know where to come.

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