147 beats of joy

Jo and I had a routine visit to our midwife this afternoon. We’re just about at the sixteen week point in the pregnancy so we’re past the worst of the worry, but still a little concerned that things might go wrong.

This is all natural, I’m sure, but neither of us have done this before and there’s some significant biology going on here that’s causing all sorts of worry points.

Still, Jo is over the worst of the nausea and tiredness and starting to need clothing with increasing quantities of elastication. Bless.

Anyway, we headed over to the midwife with a little pot of Jo’s wee and had the old girl checked out. Thankfully, everything seems fine and her earlier blood tests haven’t shown any problems at all.

The highlight of the visit was the baby’s heart. The midwife had a little gizmo that could listen in to Jo’s uterus and play the sound of our little baby’s heartbeat. It was pounding away rather solidly at a rapid 147 beats a minute. We both had big smiles on our faces when we heard that.

The midwife is lovely and she was very reassuring about the whole process. There’s still a long way to go until Jo can have a runny egg (and the baby is born – September 15th or so) but hearing the heartbeat of our little baby cheered us up no end. I had a pint of Grolsch to celebrate and Jo and a slice of cake and a cup of decaf tea, such is the joy of pregnancy.

Bring on September!

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