2018 Year In Pictures

14/1/2018 Stone

14/1/2018 Stone
14/1/2018 Stone by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

There’s a Viking exhibition at our local Arts centre – Lakeside Arts down at Highfields Park – so we headed down there this afternoon. We had one of Ruby’s friends with us and they were both interested in having a look at all the lovely Viking stuff on display.

It is very good indeed. It can’t compete with the Yorvik Centre, but they aren’t trying to. It’s still a fabulous collection of interesting artefacts from the Viking era, along with some interactive stuff for the kids. I particularly liked this Beautiful stone carving, although there was a fantastic helmet and some found jewellery that must have been the most exciting metal detector find in history.

It’s well worth a look if you live near Nottingham, and also worth the trip in from further away too.

I’ve applied a textured overlay on this image using the iOS app Filters. I tend to shy away from effects like this but I think this actually adds to the image on this occasion.

Here are a couple of other images from today. The board game looked very interesting.

Viking Helmet
Viking Helmet by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Hnefatafl by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

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