2018 Year In Pictures

13/1/2018 #didgotospecsavers

13/1/2018 #didgotospecsavers
13/1/2018 #didgotospecsavers by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Ruby has been wearing glasses for reading for a year or so now, and it’s time for her annual appointment to have her eyes retested. We always use our local Specsavers due to the good value specs, but also because we always get looked after there. They are great for a large chain business.

A new prescription has been decided on, so new glasses are in order. Specsavers, unfortunately, separate the girls’ and boys’ glasses into different displays. This is disappointing as many of the designs are not gender-specific (not that such a thing should really exist). Ruby tried on a good few pairs and decided on two from the boys’ designs.

She didn’t pick these, which I think look great on her too, but they were also from the boys’ selection. Ruby loves pink things and unicorns too, but she refuses to conform to stereotype.

Good girl!

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