11/1/2018 Blog

11/365/2018 Blog
11/365/2018 Blog by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I love taking photos and I also like to blog, so each photo I take for my 365 subsequently gets stuck up as a post on my site. This is what it currently looks like.

I’m using a nifty free theme called Cubic. I love the grid display and the general simplicity of the site layout. It doesn’t always work the way I want, but I don’t know enough about web design to really change it very much. I tend to make small improvements over a long period.

Last year I totally neglected the blog and nearly got four whole months behind on my post schedule. I could have just canned it, but instead I decided to go through each photo, add a description and subsequently blog it (with the correct date). It took me a while but I eventually caught up.

I intend to not make that mistake again this year – I’m blogging as I go.

Flickr integration with WordPress is pretty poor, but I’ve found a nifty plugin that takes my words here and inserts them into a new post for me. It’s called wp-flickr-press and it’s improved my workflow no end.

I would definitely like to improve my writing ability, so am tempted to take a course. Writing words that make sense is hard!

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