2017 Year In Pictures

104/365 Easter Bunny

“104/365 Easter Bunny” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Our slightly out-of-focus dwarf lop-ear.

We do love Celia, even though she eats everything. Electrical cables, sofas, skirting boards, socks, rugs and mats – these are all chew-able items to her.

We’ve come home to a powerless house because she’d chewed through the power cable to the fridge freezer. How she didn’t kill herself I do not know – there were scorch marks all along the cable where she’d bitten into it, so she must have had some kind of shock before the RCD kicked in. She was looking pretty sheepish when I arrived, mind.

We’ve also had to replace a sofa due to the large holes appearing in it. It was an old, uncomfortable sofa, but still.

We use am adapted baby gate to keep her in our sun/dining room. As much as we try and rabbit proof everything in that area she still finds things to eat or poo on.

Bloody rabbit. We still love her, though.

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