2017 Year In Pictures

10/365 Welcome

10/365 Welcome

I work nearby to Games Workshop, those magnificent bastards that make Warhammer. I have a few routes home, and I chose to walk past here today.

Outside is this massive statue of one of their figures from their Age of Sigmar range, a Liberator. I had to look that up.

I’ve never played 40k or any other Games Workshop game, but I did do some roleplaying with figures similar to this in my teens. A friend and I made a nice diorama to battle on – I had an Orc army (with a bloody marvellous Balrog) and he had a Dwarf army. I’ve always been a bit ‘Horde’ (mixing it up with some Warcraft terminology there).

It was pretty dark when I walked past, so the photo lacks detail – better suited to this silhouette treatment

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