1/365/2018 Star

1/365/2018 Star
1/365/2018 Star by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

It’s 2018 already!

It doesn’t seem 365 days since I started the last year’s worth of photos, so it’s almost a surprise that the year has rolled around once more.

My last 365 project was all square and all black and white all the time. I did this to purposefully constrain myself so that I concentrated only on creating interesting images. Unfortunately, I found the project became limited by this framework, and some of my images were a bit rubbish. So, I’m just going to let the muse take me wherever I may go this year.

I hope to spend a bit more time editing my images on my iPad Pro using Affinity Photo. This is an amazing iOS app that performs a huge number of powerful photo editing functions. I don’t know how they all work yet, but I will at least have a go at some masking and dodging/burning. Most images will be edited in Snapseed – my go-to iOS editing app – but I do want to try to be more adventurous and capable.

Ruby was by far the most numerous model for 2017. I suspect 2018 will be the same – she’s very photogenic – but I will try and get outside more and enjoy the countryside. Nottinghamshire has some fantastic green bits, so perhaps I will capture a bit more of it this time.

So, let’s start off with a photo of Ruby, enjoying a lazy morning on the New Year’s day, sat at my favourite window at our friends’ home.

I do hope that everyone has had a lovely, happy new year!

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