What a wonderful world

I bet you've been dying to hear a death metal version of the Louis Armstrong classic "Wonderful World" haven't you? I have. Here it is! *update* Two of the videos have already been taken down. I guess the copyright law wins again. FFS Found this via the sometimes wonderful Boing Boing. I suspect that the [...]

Links for March 12th

Iron Maiden speak out over riot Heavy metal group Iron Maiden's tour manager has criticised the people who were arrested for trying to gatecrash a concert in Bogota. Colombian police arrested more than 100 people after stones were thrown hours before the group were due to perform. In a statement posted on the band's website, [...]

Bookmarks for March 5th through March 10th

YouTube vs PRS: whoever wins, it's bad news for musicians - You've got to hand it to Google: when it threw its toys out of the pram over its dispute with PRS For Music, it immediately won the PR war. On blogs, boards and Twitter the consensus is: hurrah for Google! It's sticking it to [...]


I don't get people sometimes. If you'd paid for a ticket to a comedy gig to see a well-known comedian would you get bladdered beforehand and then hurl a stream of incoherent abuse at the stage? This guy did: Props have to go to Richard Herring on giving such an inventive, and deservedly barbed, response [...]