45/365 Love

45/365 Love

Today deserves a better photo than this.

Valentine’s Day is a bit of a commercialised bunch of toss, but I do like to express by unending love to my wife on this day in particular. I also do it on other days too, obviously.

Ruby had made these heart-shaped biscuits. Mine was delicious – covered in chocolate and a big treat. We all enjoyed them. It’s a shame that I’ve decided to do a black and white project, because brown things look rubbish in monochrome!

Popping the question

OK, no big announcement to make here (sorry!) but if you were going to propose to your girlfriend would you consider doing it on a popular internet site? That sounds almost romantic right?

How about if the proposal involved your cat? Girls like cats right?

How about if you proposed via I CAN HAS CHEEZ BURGER?

Well, it seemed to work for him. Congratulations!

A Valentine’s Day Question

So, on this most romantic day of the calender I’d like to pose an important question: did Tyrannosaurus Rex have a penis?

I know, I know – why the hell am I going on about dinosaur knobs? I’m not the one that started it though – have a read of this rather wonderful article about this very subject from Olivia Judson.

I want to take a journey 68 million years back in time to see a Tyrannosaurus rex couple mating. What was it like? Did they trumpet and bellow and stamp their feet? Did they thrash their enormous tails? Did he bite her neck in rapture and exude a musky scent? Somehow, I imagine that when two T. rex got it on, the earth shook for miles around.

And if I could only take this journey, I could answer a question that sometimes bothers me. Did T. rex have a penis? Did he even, as lizards do, have two?

Two! I have no idea how many the old boys would have had, but one thing is for certain – they wouldn’t have been able to reach it/them with those little arms.

Still, have a read of her article. It’s really interesting and she obviously knows her stuff.