187/365 Avenue

“187/365 Avenue” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

This lovely avenue of trees is rarely used by anyone. It’s situated down the side of the Tennis Centre and doesn’t end up anywhere – it’s just there for reasons lost in time.

There are some engineering works going on around here at the moment and they’re not presented at their best. Usually a lovely spot in the summer.


Fir, originally uploaded by rutty.

Via Flickr:

Another photo of the firs in our garden. I do like these trees. They provide plenty of shelter for birds and prevent most of the houses opposite us seeing into our garden.


Firs, originally uploaded by rutty.


We have these two firs in our garden. They could do with a trim.

I took very few photos today and this is the best I have to offer. Effect is from the Pinhole option in Camera+. I think the photo could do with some extra bats