Crime in 20th Century Britain

Block 4 of my T214 course is concerned with examining crime and criminal behaviour from a systemic perspective. This is of particular interest at the moment due to the recent riots, and I'm aware that one of the concepts being raised is the viability and usefulness of prison. I haven't started on this yet but [...]

T214 Block 3: Activity 1.3

Here's another one of those OU-centric posts that will bore everyone stupid. Well, even more-so than my the usual crap I stick on here. This is the first activity I'm writing up for Block 3. This new block focusses on social systems - systems made up primarily of people. People can be fickle, unreliable and [...]

T214: Block 2, Activity 1a – Climate Change

This activity requires me to "reflect on how a range of 'thinking traps’ may influence how you engage with complex situations" by writing down what I think about: "the causes of emerging environmental crises such as climate change, and what you believe could resolve these problems" I'm not sure they could have picked a more [...]

T214: Block 2, Multiple Intelligences

The OU course notes have opened up a whole other can of worms about different kinds of intelligence. There has been some research by Gardner that revealed eight different types of intelligence. These are: Linguistic intelligence. The ability to use a coherent narrative to communicate and organise thoughts. Logical–mathematical intelligence. The ability to investigate issues [...]

T214: Block 2, Thinking Traps

This block introduces the term "thinking traps" - an all-encompassing description of the ways that our brains fail us when trying to understand complex systems. There are a number of different thinking traps: short attention spans (I'm really guilty of this) oversimplification (most science stories in the news) groupthink - seeking out opinions of like-minded [...]