Oh Shit

https://flic.kr/p/qEAnLr 26th January 2015 The test piece for the 2015 Regional Championships Second Section has this little bit of horror about halfway through. The composer, Kevin Norbury, no doubt had a bit of a chuckle when he wrote this. Brass banders often struggle more with sharp keys. I know I much prefer to be playing [...]

Links for May 19th

Unpleasant Medicine I think it's significant that there's no consensus on the larger-scale significance of environmental threats; indeed, our responses are severely polarized, as if these are debatable matters of opinion rather than ones with quantifiable facts attached. Eyjafjallajoekull can potentially continue to erupt for years, massively disrupting long haul travel across the North Atlantic [...]

Links for January 13th

France's anti-piracy goon squad pirates the font in its logo Boing Boing Hapodi, the French agency that's in charge of the country's new anti-piracy scheme (if someone you live with is accused of three acts of infringement, your whole household is taken offline and added to a list of address to which it is illegal [...]

I’m a little horny

So, Christmas is nearly here. The goose is getting fat, or at least it's getting ready for pickup from the local farm shop. There's no escaping it: I get to play a lot of Christmas Carols. It's not that I dislike Christmas or anything but after 30-odd years of playing the same tunes out in [...]

Links for December 14th

Cleaners 'worth more to society' than bankers - study Hospital cleaners are worth more to society than bankers, a study suggests. The research, carried out by think tank the New Economics Foundation, says hospital cleaners create £10 of value for every £1 they are paid. It claims bankers are a drain on the country because [...]