92/365 Highfield’s Park

“92/365 Highfield’s Park” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Beeston is lucky to have so many green spaces nearby. One of my favourites just happens to be Highfield’s Park, a lovely lake with wooded areas, a play park and several arts spaces.

The lake is home to plenty of waterfowl, including a family of Egyptian Geese, as seen here. You can hire boats in the summer so can row among these beautiful birds.

This whole area is getting a much-needed rejuvenation this year, including some dredging of the lake (it’s pretty much solid silt these days), a new adventure golf course and some general improvements to everything.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all looks when they’re done.

76/365 Ole Jesse

76/365 Ole Jesse

Jesse Boot has done a great deal for my local area. He (and his family) owned the land now occupied by the University of Nottingham, along with the rest of Highfields Park. His generosity has enabled the UoN to flourish, along with giving us local residents some beautiful parkland and a boating lake to enjoy.

His bust (coated lovingly in pigeon poo) stares majestically at passing traffic near Highfields Park entrance on University Boulevard.

He’s a local hero.

38/365 Sunset

38/365 Sunset

There was a spectacular sunset taking place while I was walking home, so I took a little diversion through University Park to get a better look.

I’m not sure black and white is the best option for sunsets, but I think this works OK with the reflections on the lake.

I’m getting better at using the built-in camera functions on my iPhone. It isn’t the most feature-rich camera around, but you can adjust the exposure times a bit, so I made sure that I didn’t over-expose this one. It all turned out pretty dark and moody.

Here’s the same photo in colour, for comparison:


29/365 Dragon

The University of Nottingham has a Chinese campus (in Ningbo) and has strong ties to the local Chinese community. There is an arts centre on the Highfields Park Campus called Lakeside, and they put on events during Chinese New Year.

This year’s was particularly special – an amazing display of digital technology meets traditional Chinese celebrations. There was a dancing dragon and the traditional British drizzle too.

You can see some photos of the event over on the University of Nottingham’s Flickr account.

23/365 F in Freezing

23/365 F in Freezing

The weather has been uniformly rubbish all year, with only a few glances of sunshine. It’s not even provided any decent snow around here; we’ve just had grey clouds, drizzle and a bit of fog. Rubbish.

There was a bit more fog about than usual this morning so I diverted through Highfields Park on the way to work. I love taking photos in fog – some of my favourite early photos with my 400D were taken in fog – and there were some nice scenes on my route.

It turns out, though, that my iPhone can’t cope with these conditions. All the photos I took this morning contain loads of artifacts where the low light has caused the sensor problems. I thought this photo was the best of the ones I took, but please don’t look too closely!

20/365 Science Park

20/365 Science Park

It was chillier than normal this morning and there was quite a bit of mist around. I was walking to work before the sun rose, so it was only when I came past the Science Park that I found it light enough to take a photo.

There are some very interesting buildings in here amongst some nice landscaping.

There is some building work going on in the background, hence the smoke. I think this might be from the new road being put in around the Boots site.

At the start of this project I decided to do each photo square and in black and white. It’s interesting to restrict a photography project in this way, but it does mean that I am frequently frustrated with the day’s results. Yesterday’s biscuit photo was one example, and I thought today’s photo looked much better in colour and in its natural aspect ratio.

Here it is to compare:

Lord Trent

Lord Trent

9th February 2015

Nottingham University has this prominent bust of Sir Jesse Boot, 1st Baron Trent, outside its gates at Highfield Park. Sir Jesse was one of the University’s most famous benefactors and one of the local area’s more memorable residents.

Who hasn’t heard of Boot’s eh?



11th January 2015

Second day in a row at Highfields Park. Our car is broken and we can walk or cycle here. Ruby has finally managed to get all the way to the top of here

Snowy fun at Highfield’s Park

Snowy fun at Highfield's Park by rutty
Snowy fun at Highfield’s Park, a photo by rutty on Flickr.

Well, the snow is now all gone, but we managed to have some fun in it while it was still here. Jo, Ruby and I took a trip down to the Nottingham University campus at Highfield’s Park on Saturday morning and we had an enormous amount of fun with our little sledge.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been sledging and I was quite pleased that the slopes at the university are really gentle. Ruby loved it too.

It’s a shame it’s all melted. Can we have some more please?

Trent building

Trent building, originally uploaded by rutty.


The weather was gorgeous this afternoon so we decided to head off to Highfields Park for a walk around the lake.

Our new house is at the university end of Beeston and it only took us ten minutes to get there. There’s a nice play area for Ruby and some lovely grounds to walk around.

Big up for Jesse Boot for sorting it all out. Cheers!