298/365 Science & Technology

298/365 Science & Technology
298/365 Science & Technology by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA
This series of buildings are often overlooked along University Boulevard, as they are a little back from the road and obscured partly by trees.

They are impressive, fascinating buildings that are very distinctive. I’m not sure how many companies are based here, but it does look like a brilliant place to work.

I love the patterns in the decking, along with the long grass that I presume is being used for ecological reasons.

You can’t tell how amazing the colours are from the above photo, so here’s a colour one for comparison purposes. This is straight from my iPhone 8 Plus without any adjustments.

by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

285/365 Clint

285/365 Clint
285/365 Clint by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I love finding unexpected things on my wanders. This picture of Clint Eastwood is mounted near the door of an old, derelict pub in Dunkirk.

It had a wild west theme, so Clint was positioned for maximum impact, with a nice lamp illuminating his presence.

Surprisingly the lights still work, even though the pub has been shut for years.

I like to give Clint a little wave as I go past.

86/365 Tiles

“86/365 Tiles” by rutty is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

I like to vary my commute route. I love to walk along the canal, but if I decide to take the shorter route along the main roads I happen to walk past Priory Church in Dunkirk.

The church looks like pretty much any other church around here, but they have decorated parts of their boundary wall with these beautiful tiles. They don’t look anything like as interesting in black and white (curse my project decisions!) but they are well worth walking along there to have a look.

A very nice addition to what is often an industrial landscape.

53/365 Dunkirk Flyover

53/365 Dunkirk Flyover

My commute to work takes me along University Boulevard to Dunkirk (not that one). I usually take the underpass next to the Primary School, but the path on that side is being replaced, so I have to walk along the University Side for now. This takes me under Dunkirk Flyover at the road crossing.

There’s a wonderful symmetry about the construction of this flyover, and I do love a bit of symmetry.

I had to wait for a moment with no cars in the gap, but I got one eventually. I have subsequently edited it in the iOS ‘Dramatic Black & White’ app to remove any subtlety.

Here’s a slightly more normal version:

11/365 Just Vape

11/365 Just vape

I don’t smoke, never have, and I don’t vape. I don’t understand the point of it.

However, people seem to enjoy it and there have been a number of shops popping up all over the place to sell people machines and liquids that help them with their new addiction. This shop, Cloud 57, has appeared on Queens Road in Dunkirk, and is along my route. I saw the guy painting this graffiti mural for the shop and was impressed by his artistry.

It always smells very nice when I walk past!

6/365 Underpass

6/365 Underpass

My commute to/from work takes me through this short underpass that cuts under the ring road in Dunkirk. It may look rather depressing in this shot, but it’s actually beautifully painted by children from the nearby school.