T306 Block 1: summary

Well, I've submitted TMA01 but I'm really not happy with it. It was too short, rushed and missing quite a bit of useful content. The reasons for this inadequacy are multifarious, but I would have really liked to have had a good crack at it rather than the rushed mess that eventually emerged. It was [...]

T306 Block 1: Activity 17

What was the perceived problem (or opportunity) to which components in this situation seemed to offer a solution? The problem was seen as absent parents not contributing to the raising of their children, while the parents left with the children struggled financially. Identify at least two organizations, processes, activities or ideas in the situation that [...]

T306 Block 1: Activity 15

Identify traps that may arise from your initial evaluations of the situation, for example, traps set by stakeholdings or identification; the ‘core issue’ trap; the ‘unacknowledged feelings’ trap; the ‘gut-reaction solution’ trap, all discussed above. T306 hasn't really properly defined these "traps" as of yet, although I kind of guess what they're on about. T214 [...]