Queensryche – Silent Lucidity

I've been listening to some quite heavy stuff this week, but not matter where my current musical tastes lie I can always fall back to this song: I think I've posted a different version of this very song before. It remains my favourite track of all time. I love these guys!

Ragnaros at last

Ragnaros Originally uploaded by rutty. Some games get a little addictive. I suppose you could say that I'm just a little bit addicted to World of Warcraft. I've been playing this thing for over 2 years now - I started in the Beta stages of the game's development too - and I just can't seem [...]


I've just been watching Eurosport while I was waiting for the nice Gritish Bass man to fix our central heating. There was football on, a lot of football. I got to watch a bit of Celtic versus Benfica followed by Spurs against Besiktas. I don't often get to watch much football so it was nice [...]