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32/365 Goggles

32/365 Goggles

I have been wearing glasses since I was 9, when my teacher noticed that I couldn’t see a thing written on the blackboard without squinting. I’ve only had a brief flirt with contact lenses back in the 90s, but otherwise my face has always been adorned with a pair of specs.

Thankfully, my eyesight hasn’t deteriorated much at all over the last 30 years. Until, that is, last year when I noticed that I was struggling to read things right in front of me. I became that person that had to put his glasses on top of his head while reading text.

So, it was time for varifocals. They are taking some getting used to – my peripheral vision is totally screwed and I have to look directly at music to read it while playing – but they are a massive improvement to my general view of the world.

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