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Wouldn’t you just DIE without Mahler?

This evening will see me heading to the Birmingham Symphony Hall to witness the most incredible musical event of my lifetime – Mahler’s Symphony Number 2, Resurrection. This is my all-time favourite piece of music, all hour and a half of it, and I’m majorly excited about it.

My tickets for this were the best Christmas present ever, thanks to my lovely girlfriend.

We’ll be heading there early to get a backstage tour before it starts, as we know the principle horn player, plus there’s a short talk about the piece in advance of the performance.

Resurrection is an utterly astounding piece of music involving an enormous orchestra and a massive choir. They’ve had to extend the stage out to accommodate everyone.

I can hardly wait!

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  1. Colin Harris March 17, 2006

    What a fantastic piece of music! you are one jammy sod 🙂

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