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Blow up them varmits

Do you have problems with moles in your garden? Got some other burrowing creature making unsightly holes in your perfectly manicured lawn? Then worry no longer, simply use the Varmit Getter and nuke their sorry arses into oblivion!

This ingenius device pumps an oxygen/propane mix into those little critters’ tunnels then ignites it, creating a scene straight out of Apololypse Now. It safely and conveniently provides your own little furry creature genocide, right in your garden.

Excellent! Found via Boing Boing

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  1. Sevy February 1, 2006

    Hi DaveHave a super day !

  2. me February 1, 2006

    That ‘curry closeup’ banner image looks like maggots in a open wound, please find something more attractive.

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