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Go Leafs Go!

I’m a little pissed. This is due to the quantity of Canadian beer that I have consumed over the last few hours. Here is evidence:

Pissed twat

Anyway, tonight’s game was very good. The Leafs managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by conceding a goal late on and then losing in the shoot-off. Useless wankers. The whole game was very entertaining though and I’ve really enjoyed my night out, even though the Leafs lost.

Hey, why aren’t they called the Toronto Maple Leaves?

Hmmm, regardless, I’m now interested in Ice hockey. Need sleep. Can’t type anymore….

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  1. Toxie October 6, 2005

    Hockey always sent me to sleep maybe it was just the Phoenix Coyotes didn’t seem to get into many fights at the time.

  2. Lol October 6, 2005

    You must be really smashed to express an interest in hockey

    Nice shirt though !

  3. ol homeless October 13, 2005

    hockey chicks rule ! theres something about a toothless girl

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