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Well, I’ve upgraded Movable Type this morning to version 3.2. The backend looks very nice (I do like a nice backend) but I’m yet to be too thrilled with the recently installed StyleCatcher plugin. So far I’ve not quite figured it out and the columns are all buggered and I don’t have any time at the moment to try and figure it out.

So, until I get home tonight the site is going to be looking a little poorly. I’ll fix it then. Probably.

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  1. Toxie August 30, 2005

    Who is running the sweep on when it’ll get fixed ?

  2. rutty August 30, 2005

    Oh yea of little faith ;p

    Still loads to sort out actually, but it’s looking much better. I had to refresh all the templates and rebuild the site.

    The archives are looking a bit squashed still and the TypeKey authentication doesn’t appear to be showing up, but that’s probably just a tag thing. It’ll be sorted “soon”…

  3. Toxie August 31, 2005

    I may have taken an early date in the sweep ;¬)

    This templates not too bad, very “bloggy”

  4. rutty August 31, 2005

    Yeah, this template is a very slight variation from one of the new default templates. All I’ve done is change the top image and add the sidebar into the archive pages. Even so, it’s about 1,000,000 times better than my previous one 😉

    I may spend some more time on it, or I might try designing one from scratch. Don’t hold your breath though.

  5. Toxie August 31, 2005

    Good image, doesn’t say boobies though

  6. rutty August 31, 2005

    You’re right. I do like teh b00bies

  7. Rutty August 31, 2005

    Looks like I’ve fixed the TypeKey problem too. I ROCK at teh interweb!

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