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I can’t get no sleep

Bah! It’s just typical. I got to bed early because I’m not feeling well and I can’t get to sleep. I was really tired but I’ve got all sorts of things going round my head that just wouldn’t shut up long enough for me to drop off. When I did eventually get to sleep I woke up at 4am for no reason that I can fathom.

Oh well, in work for 5:45 too. It was raining when I walked out the house, so rather than walk in I took the car, thus arriving early. Oddly enough I do feel a bit better this morning, although I could have done with longer in bed. Asleep, preferrably.

Well, aren’t I the bundle of fun this morning? I’ll pick up later perhaps.

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  1. The Voice Of Reason March 22, 2005

    You are drinking colossal amounts of alcohol regularly, yet complaining that you are feeling unwell.
    You have learned nothing.

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