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Come on Stacey!

The rather foxy-sounding Stacey McMillan has just emailed me with an intriguing proposition:

I just wanted to know if you would like to accompany me.
My Asshole Husband works night shifts, which makes me very lonely at night

Here is my page with my pics & info.


Wow, I’m rather exciting at meeting such a forward, sexy lady! However, she’s also emailed me four other times as Stacey Mccabe, Stacey Easley, Stacey Land and Stacey Johnson. Either she’s a bigamist or I’m just being led up the garden path here.

Women, don’t trust ’em ;¬)

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  1. Rutty January 20, 2005

    It’s a “cheating housewives” site wanting my money. Fuck it, I feel cheated X(

  2. jewels January 21, 2005

    sounds like a lucky escape – take it from your sis, no good comes of meeting women!(at least not via a computer…!)

  3. demonsurfer January 21, 2005

    heh.. go for it mate, you’re in!!!
    Just think, you can do all five of them and you wont have to worry about screaming the wrong name 🙂

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