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I’m pissed

I mention this “pissed” state in a British sense, in that I’m slightly inebriated, not in the yank way of being upset.

I’ve been into town (Nottingham) and been round a few bars, drunk some beer and had an eyeful of the local talent (which is good). This is possibly a good a thing, in that I’ve had a fucking good time, oggled some fine women and drunk some good beer.

I’ve also eaten a Chinese once I made it home. Beef with cashews if that floats your boat. I’ve even saved some for tomorrow.

Life is good.

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  1. Shane September 26, 2004

    Did you eat cat in the Chinese restaurant? It was cat you ate, wasn’t it? Rutty ate cat meat!

  2. luna September 27, 2004

    chow mein!!!!

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